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Our garages serve many purposes from parking our cars, to storing holiday gear, to creating a DIY workshop and serving as a home gym when you can’t get out. Garages are often undervalued and overlooked. You may think that improving your garage will come with a hefty price tag but that is not the case. There are several budget-friendly changes you can make to get the most out of your garage and here are 10 of them…

Get a Space Heater

Before you can plan on spending time in your garage year round, you’ll probably want to invest in a space heater. Even well insulated garages can become quite chilly during the colder months. If you intend on using your garage to do activities that do not require a lot of movement like woodworking or painting, you will be more comfortable and more likely to accomplish your to-do list if your garage is warm.

Create a Workspace

You may be quick to think that building a workspace take a lot of time however it is not as ponderous as you assumed. You can create a workbench for as little as $20. Check Pinterest for some DIY workstation ideas that are easy to build and affordable.

Put Up Some Pegboard

Pegboard is very versatile. It can serve several purposes— the sky is the limit! Pegboard can be used to store craft supplies, gardening tools, hardware, power tools, camping gear, holiday décor and more. You can hang almost anything giving a place for most items in your garage. Note: be considerate of how heavy some items are as they might require additional support.

Coating Your Concrete

Your garage might see a lot of movement. Concrete coatings are the best way to protect your garage floors and safeguard against cracking, scuffing, oil, dirt, debris, and more. Investing in concrete coatings comes with many benefited such as creating a customized look, making your floors non-slip, keep your floors from yellowing in time, and preserving the look for years to come.

Hanging Heavy Objects

Garages are a catch-all space where we store many items. Bicycles, kayaks, canoes, ladders, etc. can take up a lot of space so by hanging them we can empty up some floor space you can get the most out of your garage. Durable, rubber hooks are not only cheap but are also an easy way to hang heavy items. Be sure that the hardware you purchase can support the weight of the item you are hanging. For additional support, screw the hooks into a stud as this will ensure that your items are secure.

Organized is Everything

Using clear storage containers to store holiday items that are organized and labeled appropriately will make things easier to locate when it comes time to decorate. You can also use these containers to store items like comforters, clothes, or other things that may take up space in your closets.

Storage Racks

Finding a place for all your things is not always an easy task. By installing heavy duty storage racks, you can make the most out of your space. This will make transitions easier. You can purchase storage racks with wheels which will allow you to move your things around and utilize every place in your garage. You may also look into wired racks which can be used to place most things including storage containers and because these come in different sizes, you can be sure you find the rack that is most suitable for your needs.

New Lighting

Most likely your garage does not have good lighting. By installing new lights you can get rid of the yellow light and brighten up your space. There are many different light fixtures that are both affordable and easy to install without having to hire an electrician to rewire anything.

Adding a Home Gym

Your garage gym does not have to take up your entire garage and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Your workout space can consist of just a few pieces of equipment that you can find for reduced prices online. One tip to get equipment at the lowest price is to wait until after New Year’s Day when people have let go of their resolutions.

Using a Parking Aid

Space might be tight in your garage which could result in dings and dents. To prevent damaging your vehicle, you may want to put up a parking aid. The simplest method to do this is by hanging a tennis ball low enough that it will hit your car when you car I parked int the right spot. The top of your car is a good place for this. But this is not the only parking aid— use longest to find more ideas that may be more suitable for your vehicle and space.

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