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Concrete patios are readily described as functional and hardy but in many cases aren’t considered beautiful. Until now! Outdoor concrete patios are a great way to provide usable outdoor space for furniture, grills, tools, and more. And for homeowners who want to take their concrete patios from boring to brilliant, concrete refinishing can come to the rescue. A concrete patio covered in stains, cracks, or other damage can prevent you from creating precious outdoor memories. We have a few suggestions of how you can get ready to enjoy entertaining outside with a newly refinished beautiful patio that is as safe and easy to clean as it is affordable.

Patio Refinishing Improves Safety

Reconditioning a patio is a wonderful way to repurpose a space, giving it a new lease on life. The key is to make sure that all the necessary updates are made, both for aesthetic reasons as well as to ensure that the environment is safe and ready for use. Cracking, pitting, and spalling damage make caring for a concrete patio difficult and sometimes dangerous to walk on as well. Have a patio refinishing specialist repair damaged areas of concrete, level the surface, and prepare the concrete to bond with the professional-grade coating. Durable concrete coatings are 100% UV resistant and patio surfaces are cooler for bare feet and slip-resistant both make the patio safer to walk on. Anti-slip concrete coatings help prevent falls even if the surface is wet. Trained professional concrete coating installers have the experience to help you provide the safest concrete spaces for your family.

Easy Patio Care

First of all, it’s a patio you can mop. It’s pretty darn challenging to keep most patios made of concrete, tile, or porous wood clean enough to eat off of. But whether you’re dealing with picnic spills or a toddler in the ‘puts everything in their mouth’ stage, a polyurea patio is a perfect solution. This smooth versatile surface doesn’t absorb spills or ingrain dirt the way most patio types do. You really can get a polyurea patio sparkling clean, and not just once. Your patio will sparkle and be clean enough to eat off of every time you feel like wielding a soapy mop. Moving planters and patio furniture will not harm your beautiful new patio surface. Concrete refinishing protects patios from abrasion and chemical damage. Salt and other deicers used during the winter will not damage professionally installed concrete coating. Another plus is that the coating is 100% UV protected so the color will not fade or yellow over time.

Design It Your Way

This type of surface comes in a variety of indoor-outdoor colors and patterns. It creates a beautifully smooth and resistant floor that is usually a little shiny and slightly sparkly to boot. It will look beautiful in the sunlight, accent your landscaping design, and make your patio furniture pop. Customized design options are available to make our patio a space that enhances the look of your home. Choose your color. You can match virtually any color, and you can choose high gloss or Matte finish. Choose chip polyurea patio coating for its non-slip properties. if you would want to take your design to the next level professional installers are able to add color changes for a border, striped, or virtually any floor design. If you have multiple outdoor spaces with concrete, tie all of them together with concrete coatings that match or complement each other.

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