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Most everyone’s home has a couple areas that need a little love. With a reasonable investment and just a little work, you can turn that ugly space where you and your family want to spend more time. The following 4 tips will improve your less desirable rooms quickly…

Concrete Coatings

Is it time to coat your concrete floors? Perhaps coating your concrete floors in your recreational room would really dress the room up. Or maybe you need the best way to protect your garage floor from the elements and lawn or car equipment. Concrete coatings can bring bland floors to life! A new floor will dress up the rest of your room.

Pay Attention to Your Baseboards

Fresh baseboards can make a huge difference. They are easily damaged and can looks rough and worn overtime. If your baseboards are intact and in decent condition, repainting them is the easiest way to bring them back to life. Before you coat your floors, make sure to remove them so you can use that time to sand and paint your baseboards. Then after the floor is coated, you can reinstall them. If your baseboards are beyond repair, you should get new ones added. You don’t want a great new floor with beat-up baseboards surrounding it.

Paint Your Walls

While your baseboards are off, you might notice some residue from caulking. For that reason, you might need to touch up your walls so you may as well repaint them. In doing so, you won’t have to stress about matching paint colors as you touch up certain places on the wall.

It’s All About the Details

Little (or big) details can be a game changer. From the floor to the ceiling and everything in between. Maybe you’ve considered a slat wall in your garage workspace or want to add a cool storage space in your basement. Have a plan and the details worked out before you begin your room renovation.

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