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Do you want to make your walkway and courtyard safe and durable while making your apartment complex or condo complex more attractive overall? These are areas that take a lot of maintaining and the last thing you want to do is focus on the concrete surface of your facility. But, these pathways frame your buildings, they are the first thing that potential renters and homeowners see. They are used every day by the residents. They are an important component of your facility’s worth and of the time and energy to make sure they are maintained.

Improve Visual Appeal

Concrete coating is a broad term that is used to describe a liquid material applied to the concrete. This includes silane/siloxane clear sealers,, cementitious overlays, acrylic sealers, urethane rubbers, and Polyaspartic Coatings. If you are looking to add a coating to your concrete then consider talking to one of our experts about which coating is right for your project. When you enter a beautiful neighborhood and you see green grass and pristine-looking sidewalks it is not an accident. Well maintained concrete add vibrance to an area. Our concrete coatings offer an assortment of multi-tonal seal coat, creating a subtle look and many times adding color. Tones in your sealants can match your complex existing color scheme and even incorporate a logo onto a walkway. A high-quality sealers or coatings are sure to wow all who visit.

Safety Factor

Concrete seal coats are textured, a quality that adds grip on wet or icy days. They protect your concrete from freeze-thaw and crack cycles. Concrete coatings save money on concrete replacement, and can last a long long time- longer than concrete by itself. When it comes to safety at your complex the concrete entryways and walkways play an important role. Providing walkways for your pedestrians dramatically increases how well pedestrians perceive their needs are being met. Your walkways present a potential hazard and liability.  You need to feel that your concrete path offers the highest level of safety. This is easily achieved by adding a sealant or coating.

Made to Last

After the concrete has been properly prepared, durable concrete coatings can last a lifetime. Some coatings are very inexpensive but add tremendously to the life of the concrete. One example is a penetrating concrete sealer, usually silicate, silane, and silicone-based products. Durability is one of the priorities so all of the seal coat material will withstand years of the elements.  Colors do not fade in the sun and the textured coating is built to last.

One Day to Apply

Of course, your residence complex is in use every day, the time it takes to install something is logistically important.  Sealcoating typically takes just one day to apply.  Most of our coatings and dealers can be applied   In 1 day and ready for traffic in just 4-12 hours. Through the simple upgrade of seal coating your walkway and courtyard, you will add ambiance to your property that improves safety with a clean sleek look for decades to come.

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