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Why Should You Choose a Concrete Coating for Your Basement?

Protecting all elements of your damp basement from moisture to avoid mold and mildew is important. At Signature Coatings, we protect the concrete from flooding, leaks, and spills by applying an innovative coating that seals the concrete beneath it. This will help preserve your foundation as it keeps excessive amounts of water from making its way to the concrete foundation that supports the structure of your home.

Reason #1: Low Maintenance and Easy to Keep Clean

Regardless of the purpose of your basement, having a low maintenance, easy to clean surface will make keeping your space looking nice easier while saving you time and even money. Two of our favorite coatings for basements are Polyurea and Polyaspartic as they are the simplest to keep up with. Vacuum up dust and dirt with ease; wipe up unexpected spills without a struggle. Want to restore the shine? Use a non-corrosive cleaner to revive your floors.

Reason #2: Coated Concrete is Durable

Homeowners nationwide continue to choose concrete coatings as they are durable which is important especially in basements. Our coatings have built-on flexibility which allows them to withstand day-to-day wear including the impact that comes from dropping heavy items. They are also resistant to abrasion and do not show signs of scuffing or scraping that can come from shoes or moving furniture.

Reason #3: Endless Options to Suit Your Style

At Signature Coatings, we have a variety of color and style options that can be adapted to meet any home decor preference. If you are ready to take the plunge and go bold, we have options for you. Want a more subtle, neutral look? We’ve got you covered too! Worried about slips and falls? Our slip-resistant texture can help reduce the risk so that you can relax and enjoy your space.

Reason #4: One Day Install

You might be worried that getting your floors coated will mean that you will have to stay out of the space for at least a week. At Signature Coatings, we can install our coatings in one day. You will be able to walk on them within 6 hours and use the space to its full potential within 24 hours! Great, huh?

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