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4 Ways Slip Resistant Coatings For Concrete Can Prevent Falls and Strengthen Your Floors…

As time goes on, concrete surfaces get old and slippery for your employees and equipment. You can put slip resistant concrete coatings on concrete to prevent slipping. The concrete coating makes for a smooth, easy to clean, damage resistant surface. The polyurea concrete coating will shine but silica sand will give it a grip.

Slip Resistant Concrete Coatings Provide Safety

Concrete is hard and unforgiving but can be slippery if there are any liquids on them. You would have to take responsibility for any injuries’ received because of falling at your business. High gloss polyurea concrete coatings look slippery but they are not. They are smooth and high gloss and great for outdoor patios, entrance ways, walkways, pool decks, and indoors. Including silica sand in your topcoat will prevent slips.

Slip Resistant Concrete Coatings Prevent Damage to Your Equipment

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, right? That means whenever your machinery is pressing down on hard concrete, shaking wildly and causing cracks and holes to the surface, it causes damage to your machinery. Your equipment will suffer so it is wise to use the non-slip concrete coatings in these high traffic spaces.

Concrete Coatings Strengthen Your Floors

Many people select concrete flooring because of how strong it is. No matter how heavy your car, equipment, or furniture is, concrete can handle it all. But repeated exposure to heavy weights can slowly wear away concrete. This corrosion only leads to unsightly damage and concrete particles in the air. Adding a coating to the floor can enhance the natural strength of concrete. This strength also means that it won’t peel or tear once properly bonded to the concrete.

Concrete Coatings Protect Floors From Cold Temperatures

Concrete can be cold and icy when we get ice and snow. The concrete can be damaged by the melting of the snow and rock salt used on it. In these situations, a coating with an anti-slip additive is a long lasting and safe improvement.

Increasing the friction on the surface of your flooring is required to prevent slips. Slip-resistant concrete surfaces are created using polyurea concrete coatings, additives, or silica sand.

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