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Whether inside or out, the design of your floors hold just as much design value as they do functional. For many years, homeowners have chosen to use epoxy to keep the floors throughout their homes protected from the elements. Epoxy was once the first pick when it came to concrete coatings, however new market selections have proven to be a better choice. For instance, polyurea coatings are the “new and improved” option ideal for patios, garages, or other areas that have concrete coated floors.

Epoxy Coatings Do Not Adhere

While epoxy does adhere better to concrete than paint, it will eventually begin to peel and wear. Polyurea attaches itself to the surface through chemical bonds so you won’t have to worry about it peeling down the road. Epoxy is more likely to become chipped and cracked due to its weaker adherence especially in the heat. So if you live in a warmer region of the country, you will experience these changes in less time. The heat from your tires can even cause epoxy to peel and stick to them– which is not good for tires nor your garage floor.

Epoxy Can Take Several Days to Cure

You don’t want to have to wait a week to park in your garage or enjoy your outdoor living space. Not only will this interfere with your summer plans but it can also negatively impact your business, if you work from home and frequently have clients over. It will take your epoxy coating at least five days to cure– and that can be impacted by the weather conditions. Can you imagine trying to keep your pets and kids off your patio that long? Not to mention when you use epoxy coatings outdoors, dirt and debris can stick to the fresh coating and cause bubbling. That can be quite frustrating considering the investment.
Polyurea coatings cure in one day! Therefore, your chances of bubbling or debris sticking to the new surface diminish by 80%. And you won’t have to redirect traffic for nearly a week.

Mistakes are More Likely to Occur with Epoxy

Many home improvement stores sell epoxy kits which allows homeowners to do it themselves. Unfortunately, most lack proper training but even those that are well trained can make mistakes during the application. Failing to treat the concrete correctly before applying the epoxy can prevent it from adhering to the concrete. Professionals know that simply cleaning the surface with an acid-based cleaner is not enough to prepare the concrete for the application. They have learned to use a high powered concrete grinder in order to properly prepare the concrete for the coating. Oils and silicons can make their way deep into the pores of the concrete which contaminates it, preventing the epoxy from adhering appropriately. As a result, the floor will have to be shot blasted or replaced entirely. Another mistake DIYers make is not creating a dry enough environment. Basements and garages are no strangers to moisture problems. Humidity can also keep the epoxy from curing right.

Epoxy Coatings Fade

In areas that see a lot of sun, you will find that your epoxy coating is fading rapidly. This is because epoxy is sensitive to UV rays. Even in your garage, epoxy will fade so you have to be mindful about not leaving your garage door open for long periods of time during the day. Polyurea coatings won’t fade making it a better long-term investment for concrete surfaces both indoors and out. Epoxy is never truly cured– it will continue to harden as time passes. Eventually, epoxy becomes brittle and begins to crack. Not to mention it lacks the flexibility to temperature changes found in polyurea. So if you live somewhere with hot summers and cold winters, your epoxy coating will crack as a direct result of the varying temperatures and pressures.

Epoxy Should Not Be Applied in the Winter

As mentioned previously, epoxy is temperamental and lacks flexibility so you have to make sure you are applying it when the temperature is just right. Cool weather or winter are not ideal for applications. In some regions, there is only a small period of time when you can apply epoxy. So if you are a business owner and want to get your concrete surfaces coated during the off-season, epoxy can be a challenge. Aside from taking five days to cure, it can only be applied during certain times of the year. Typically that time frame does not correspond with your off season.

Why Polyurea Coatings Are the Way to Go!

Stronger and Looks Great – Polyurea coatings have proven to be a better option for those who are seeking a stronger, better looking floor. It lasts longer and looks great.

Doesn’t Fade – You won’t see fading due to UV exposure, it can withstand damage from moisture, it takes a one day to cure, and it is resistant to corrosion and stains. Polyurea will keep you from shutting down your business or blocking off your patio for nearly a week. Apply today, use tomorrow.

Applied During More Temperatures – You also don’t have to wait for the perfect weather conditions in order to apply polyurea. It can be applied during any season or temperature without being impacted. Allowing you to pick the best time for your family or business.

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