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8 Reasons To Avoid Epoxy Floor Coatings And Choose Polyurea Instead…



Though epoxy adheres to concrete better than paint does, after a while it starts to come up and look worse for the wear. Because of weaker adherence, epoxy is prone to chipping, cracking, and peeling — especially on hot days. Even hot tires can cause the epoxy to peel up and stick to them instead, which is no good for your garage floor or your tires. Although epoxy may be good for certain structures, it is not the best choice for your garage floor. Check out the following reasons to avoid epoxy.

Not Durable

Unlike some other flooring solutions, everyday wear and tear takes its toll on epoxy floors. High traffic areas like a garage need a durable floor surface that can stand up to constant wear and tear. Epoxy, after a short time, will begin to peel and crack. It is only good temporarily and you will have to replace it.

It Is Slippery

Because epoxy is non-porous, it can become extremely slippery when wet. This is especially dangerous if epoxy is applied in a location where small children or the elderly are going to be walking on the floors. Although you can texturize epoxy floors, they may not hold up as well as other surfaces or finishes.


Epoxy has a harsh smell that can irritate the nose and throat.  This will last until the surface cures.  The main cause for the odor is the presence of solvents and VOCs. VOCs have been connected to multiple diseases, such as asthma, chemical sensitivity, and sick building syndrome.  Anyone curing epoxy should wear a mask and gloves to avoid noxious fumes.

Long Curing Time

No one wants to wait a week to park in their garage. That can be especially detrimental to businesses that rely on in-person client visits. Epoxy takes at least five days to cure completely. During those five days, you have to keep all traffic, kids, and pets off the still-drying coat. The catalyst and hardener require correct mixing for adequate curing.  Too much moisture can also affect the curing process. The long cure time can lead to imperfections due to dust, dirt, and insects.

Prone To Scratches, Nicks, And Discoloration

Epoxy flooring doesn’t do so well in zones with high effect and traffic. The surface chips and splits effectively, which means you’ll cause additional expenses to repair the harmed regions. It is easy to damage an epoxy coating as it is prone to scratches, nicks, and discoloration.

Epoxy Never Truly Cures

In high moisture areas or in cold temperatures, epoxy doesn’t adhere well. It can peel easily, costing you time and money to repair and replace.  It is best to ask about alternative choices.

Water Issues

Cloudy or dull epoxy is typically caused by excessive moisture. Specifically, moisture from excessive humidity in the area where the epoxy was applied or excessive moisture in/on the application surface. Epoxy can develop a white residue that collects due to a moisture issue.  Dark spots on an epoxy surface are also a sign of water issues.  Overtime moisture damages the coating.

Complex Removal Procedure

Eliminating epoxy from the solid floor requires granulating and it’s a costly endeavor. Since individuals don’t possess mechanical processors, this implies you must consider employing a contractual worker. Repair jobs are not easy and removing the coating is a tricky process. There are other flooring options that are more durable and last much longer than epoxy flooring.

Polyurea Coatings Are a Better Option

Polyurea coatings are the better option for people who want something strong and attractive for their floors. Not only will it last longer, but it will also look better. Unlike epoxy coatings, polyurea doesn’t fade with UV exposure, it’s extra resistant to moisture damage, it cures in a single day, and it resists stains and corrosion.

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