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Concrete floors come to life and are well protected when concrete coating is installed. But what is the best garage floor coating to have installed in you garage? Let’s look at some differences between epoxy and Polyurea…

Polyurea Concrete Coatings

  • Durability – Unlike epoxy, polyurea isn’t brittle making it more durable and longer lasting. Even with the expanding and contracting of the concrete floors underneath the coating, you don’t want to worry about your coating being damaged. Did you know polyurea is 10 times more flexible that epoxy— flexibility helps with durability.
  • Bonds Better – Summer heat is around the corner. During the warm months, epoxy can can stick to your tires resulting in a hot-tire pickup. Polyurea chemically bonds with the surface of the concrete and basically becomes one making hot tires a thing of the last. The concrete , itself, would have to pull up before hot tires ever became something to worry about.
  • Quick Installation – Polyurea coatings can be installed in one day. While life has slowed down, we still have tasks to accomplish on our to-do list so the quicker you can get your coating installed, the better. I mean who has 5 days to wait before they can use their garage? Polyurea bonds fast so you’ll be back to using your garage in 24 hours.
  • Can Handle Heat & Cold – Epoxy requires just the right temperature, conditions, and lots of time to cure. Polyurea bonds fast due to the chemical reaction.

We Think You Should Avoid Using Epoxy Coatings

There are several reasons to avoid using epoxy. It has a weak adhesion and takes about 5 days to cure. It will fade and it is sticky. Epoxy lacks the durability and flexibility of premier coatings. While some might think epoxy is a good coating for garage floors, we want to be fully transparent in saying there are better options for your garage space.

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