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One of the hottest Google topics for 2020 was ” best garage floor coating.” Many of the available floor coatings do not have the durability you need for your commercial flooring or garage. Many of the choices are not strong enough, we will compare some of the coatings in this blog and try and tell you the best ones.

Concrete Floor Wax

Many concrete contractors recommend applying a mop-down wax or floor finish to your decorative concrete floor after you seal it. Why do you need both a sealer and a floor wax? The reason is simple. Applying several coats of wax over the sealer coat helps to protect the sealer from wear. However, unless you already have a waxed concrete floor, applying a layer of wax does not do much. Wax with not upgrade the appearance of an old stained chipped concrete floor. Actually, it will seal in any already existing stains. Concrete waxes are recommended only to already waxed floors to maintain them.

Concrete Paint

Cement paint is just normal cement with a few additives of color that make the cement colored. It may be of a particular color or it may be white as well. It is the cheapest option one can use while constructing the house. Over time there’s is a chance that the paint will chip and scuff off. You will have to be protective of a painted floor, the more wear and tear the floor sees, the sooner it will start chipping and wearing through. Garage and commercial flooring tend to be high-traffic areas making paint a poor choice.

Concrete Epoxy Floor-Coating

If you are like most people you most likely have never dealt with epoxy paints before and simply consider it just another category of paint like a semi-gloss or an enamel. Placing epoxy flooring in the same category as conventional garage floor paints is like saying a Chevrolet Spark is the same as a Lexus GX because they are both cars. Epoxy coatings are considered to be a durable option. However, epoxy coatings bubble during curing and they are prone to yellowing and discoloration and cracks and chips over time. In addition during the installation, the fumes they release are toxic.

Concrete Polyurea Floor-Coating

A type of polyurethane created by a chemical reaction involving a two-part mixture, polyurea coatings are beautiful, waterproof, and impact-resistant. Unlike epoxy, they are extremely flexible, enabling them to withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or peeling. Polyurea is not as well known as the other floor coatings. It is however one of the strongest and long-lasting you can apply to your garage or commercial floor. Polyurea is 100% UV stable which means it will not lose its color. It is resistant to corrosive elements and resistant to abrasive damage which makes it extremely good for industrial coating applications for machinery, pipes, and pumps. Polyurea comes in a range of finishes and colors and has a high-end finish similar to that of polished stone. It has two textures you can choose gloss or non-slip textured.

If you are looking to upgrade your garage or commercial property or even transform a room in your home consider a great floor coating option. We feel polyurea has an incredibly high tensile strength and is 20 times stronger than epoxy. And in comparison to paint, polyurea far exceeds its durability and lifespan.

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