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Your deck, patio, and garage are great opportunities to create more living space. Exterior upgrades enhance the look of your property and can offer recreational benefits. Nothing beats roasting marshmallows and sharing stories outdoors at your home. The following will give you a few maintenance tips to help you increase the space and appearance of your outdoor area.

Seal Your Patio

We always advise sealing your paving, whether you choose natural stone or porcelain. Sealing your slabs helps protect your stone against staining. Natural stone is porous and will absorb liquid from anything left on the surface. Polyurea coating is stronger than epoxy. They will not yellow, fade or lose color in the ultraviolet sun rays. After coating the patio, you will be able to enjoy your patio without worrying about scratches, chips, or temperature cracks. The coating adds style and beauty to your outdoor space.

Your Garage Is Full Of Potential

Create a new entertainment space. Give your garage floor a luxurious design. The investment you make outside is money well spent. When it comes time to sell your home, potential home buyers will pay top dollar for a great outdoor space. It is an addition to your home, and you will be able to host parties and gatherings regardless of the weather with an updated garage. When your garage floor is coated with polyurea, you do not need to worry about car oil, spilled drinks, or scratching of the floor. The garages is a great way to incorporate indoor and outdoor living into your home.

Deck Maintenance

Staining regularly will protect your wood and surfaces. If your deck is wood, it will warp and fade over time if you do not protect it. Resealing and staining your wood every couple of years will keep it lasting longer. Staining will give it a fresher appearance and coating prevents spinsters and cracks from forming. If you have children in bare feet or pets, this is essential. If you have composite decking, often made from a mixture of recycled wood fibers and plastic it does not need much maintenance. It will not splinter and requires minimal care and maintenance, which is good for homeowners who don’t want to spend a lot of time on upkeep. While composite decking does not need much work in the way of maintenance, you should still care for your deck. By cleaning your deck on a regular basis, you can get rid of debris that may cause organic decay or staining.

Choose Polished Concrete For Your Basement Floor

When it comes to your basement floor, you can create a beautifully finished basement floor using a polyurea coating. If you have a sliding door or a French door leading outdoors that will create a nice bridge to the pool areas or the patio. Polyurea flooring handles sandy feet, pool water, muddy boots, and wet pets. Carry the polyurea coating onto the patio and pool deck. You do not have to stain polyurea coating or seal it again for years. it is virtually indestructible.

These maintenance tips will help keep your patios, concrete, and garage floors in the best shape possible. Beautiful floor coatings are a wonderful investment. Enjoy your time outdoors this season!

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