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How To Choose The Best Flooring Installation Company For an Indoor and Outdoor Home Remodel…

Statistics say 80% of the houses in the USA are at least 20 years old. Does your home fit into that category? If so, it is probably time for remodeling and improvement. New flooring is one of the important parts of home renovation and will go a long way towards improving your home’s lifestyle and value. Following are just a few tips for how to choose the right floor installer and material.

Choose Your Floor Material Before You Choose An Installer

You want to be certain your installer specializes in the type of flooring you are looking to install. Flooring materials range from natural stones to man-made tiles, hardwood planks, vinyl sheets, laminate tiles, composite planks, carpet, polished concrete, and more. There are numerous styles and types to choose from, giving you a wide range of options, not all of which are beneficial for your remodeling needs. Many people forget to update their basements, laundry rooms, and garages. Most times these are concrete floors and you need a professional who specializes in Concrete floors or concrete floor coatings, like Signature Coatings.

There are a few common choices when it comes to the best flooring for remodeling your area, and it depends on a mixture of budget, design and functionality.

  • Hardwood or Laminate – If you’re looking for ease of installation and affordability, a hardwood or composite/laminate floor is the best option. You can install floating floors over the top of existing hardwood, or vinyl and tile floors directly without needing to do any demolition. The pieces are fitted together with either a tongue-and-groove or snap-together edge system.
  • Vinyl – Similar to floating floors, sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles can be laid down directly on top of an existing floor, as long as that floor is in good condition and is flat. Existing tile installations need a layer of self-level compound applied to the surface in advance, to make sure all of the grout joints are filled flush with the surface of the tile
  • Tile – Natural stone and man-made tiles are considered the best for any flooring project, but they’re also the most technically challenging to install and you must demo the existing flooring material down to the underlying subfloor or concrete slab.
  • Carpet – Carpet is best if you want a softer finish, as opposed to hardwood or vinyl, and can be installed on top of a wood subfloor via tack strips at the edges or glued down such as with concrete slabs. As long as you properly mount the tack strips around the edge of a room down into the subfloor through the finish material, you can stretch carpet across an existing finished surface, such as hardwood, vinyl or tile.
  • Concrete Coatings or Polished Concrete – Great for Laundry rooms, basements, garages, decks, patios, and more.

Choose A Local Installer

There are so many installers to choose from, but there’s one criterion that may help narrow the decision: go local. Local contractors are not just operating nearby, they have an established business and reputation in your community. Local contractors are more direct in their communication and they’re often easier to get in contact with. Local contractors are more familiar with the area, whether that’s the complexities of certain regulations or weather conditions. Supporting local businesses is a great way to uplift the economy of your area while getting an amazing home project at the same time. Having references of local installers from your friends and family will give you clarity on the kind of work you can expect from them. Local contractors also hold themselves to a higher standard for this reason.

Check Out The Installer’s Website And Social Media

Online reviews are a great way to get honest information from former clients. Look for patterns that could alert you to potential problems. For instance, are there several former customers saying that the installers were late or rude? Perhaps there was some mention that the floor did not last as long as thought? On the other hand, if the remarks talk about the quality of work, the reasonable price, and good product you will likely get good service and product.

Compare Prices

Flooring projects have any number of variables involved that need to be analyzed carefully before calculating any element. There are vast differences in the material and flooring type which makes the estimation process more complex and peculiar with every new project. You will want to do some price comparisons before making a final decision about a flooring company. It will depend on the floor material you choose for the estimate you will receive. Stone, hardwood, and mosaic floor tiles are the most expensive options. Sheet vinyl, linoleum, and laminate are the least expensive options. Get at least three estimates, as it is important to keep in mind that the lowest price is not always the best deal. If you have done your homework, you know the other factors to consider. Sometimes the highest estimate is the better value in the end. Quality work from an experienced professional with great reviews may be a better value.

Are you ready to add a new floor or renovate the flooring in your home? Remember you do not want to trust the look and quality of your home with just anybody. Make sure you do your research to find someone who will do quality work.

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