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Using good garage floor material can really raise the value of your house. We would like to explain how good garage floor material can make your home competitive on the market. Or maybe you are looking to refinance? A garage floor upgrade can really raise the equity of your home. But you must remember that not all garage floor material is created equal. In this blog, we would like to suggest which garage floor material can raise the value of your home.

Reasons Why A Garage Floor Is Critical To Your Home’s Value

There are a few different reasons why you should upgrade your garage. You need to know what those reasons are.

So, we will give you a few reasons and we will go through them one by one:

  • Increase living space:  By using good floor material, your garage can immediately be converted into a possible living space. A garage is actually a big selling point for a house and one of the first things male buyers look for, so don’t eliminate this feature altogether, if possible.  Some potential buyers may like to use the garage as a further living area.  Most commonly, garages are converted to be used as studies, studios, and guest bedrooms. Either way, a valuable garage floor is one that has a coating that makes it suitable for either use.  
  • Long-term endurance: Garage floor material will increase resilience to wear and tear. The topcoats produce a tough, easy-to-clean surface that does not require waxing or other labor-intensive upkeep. Garage floors must withstand many hazards, from the impact of rolling heavy items and vehicular traffic, to close contact with a wide range of chemicals. The flooring products are aesthetically pleasing and are often impact, abrasion, and chemical resistant. A strong garage floor coating will make your garage the most durable room in your home.
  • Eye appeal: Adding good floor material will make the garage aesthetically pleasing. The old concrete floor does not look great.  Adding a beautiful outer material to your garage floor can make the whole area seem newer and brighter.
  • Eliminate garage floor condensation and moisture problems: The coating material is water-resistant. The biggest reason that moisture gets into your garage is when warm, moist air reacts with the low temperature of the concrete floor and causes condensation to occur. This condensation can be quite damaging. Condensation provides the perfect conditions for mold to grow. If moisture gets into the cracks of the concrete floor, it can cause foundation damage, which is very expensive to repair. A top coating material can eliminate all of this by being water-resistant.

Let’s Discuss The Best Garage Floor Types:

  • Epoxy: Traditionally, epoxy has been regarded as a good option for a garage floor covering. It does have a number of good uses but unfortunately, it is not the best material for garage floors. These days a much better option is what is called polyurea.
  • Polyurea: Polyurea has a higher resistance to chemicals than epoxy and is U.V. stable. It’s better for garage floors and exterior spaces, and for protecting your floor against stains, damage, chemicals, and wear. They are light reflective, easy to clean, and long-lasting. Polyurea is also a 2-step resin, but remarkably superior to Epoxy resin. Polyurea is 4 times stronger than Epoxy. It is also 98% more flexible than Epoxy. It is the flexibility of the material that makes it extremely durable and long-lasting.

Did you know that updating your garage is one of the hottest trends in home improvement right now? And it all starts with addressing the garage floor, an area that tends to become ugly, pitted, cracked, and dangerous over time. The gleaming beauty and functionality of a Polyurea coating are second-to-none and will open up entirely new possibilities for your garage space. The last thing you need to remember is that you should always look at the garage floor material as an opportunity to invest, not a cost.

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