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It’s no surprise that many homeowners end up replacing their home’s entrance flooring more often than other rooms. Mudrooms are subject to the full force of Mother Nature’s most intense elements, and over time this can accelerate damage to your floor and foundation. Mudrooms and laundry rooms both contribute to a home’s overall cleanliness. In some homes, the mudrooms and laundry are one and the same. Those spaces must be equipped to handle high levels of activity, moisture, heat, and more. Concrete flooring is a popular choice for these spaces. However concrete is porous and prone to cracking, so it needs a good floor coating option for the floors.

Epoxy Coating

Having your mudroom floors professionally coated with epoxy resin is more than just a great way to protect them. Epoxy creates an enhanced grip-like surface, while giving your floors a slick, sophisticated look. A sort of hybrid between paint and glue, epoxy coating strongly adheres to a concrete floor while enhancing their appearance with color, texture, and shine.

There are three main types of epoxy floors…

  • water-based
  • solvent-based
  • 100% solids

100% solids are the most durable of the three and typically the easiest to install. Quality epoxy concrete floor paint can withstand the various activities that go on in mudrooms and laundry rooms for several decades.

Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric concrete coatings apply to a thick, elastic film that enhances concrete surfaces by providing uniformity while concealing hairline cracks, patches, and other irregularities. Elastomeric coatings are more paint-like and less glue-like than epoxy options. They are strong floor sealing solutions for your laundry room or mudroom concrete floor. When applied properly, they often resemble epoxy coatings, with the same sheen, and they last about as long.

Polyurea Coatings

The material is useful for concrete floors, as it quickly and strongly bonds to concrete while providing a smooth, virtually impermeable surface that protects the floor from impact, water damage, chemicals, heat, and sunlight/ Generally speaking quality polyurea floor coating outperforms even the best epoxy paint options. In terms of overall durability and flexibility, polyurea wins over even the strongest epoxy material. Because it’s so flexible, the material can move with the concrete when there are major shifts in weight or temperature. Of course, all of this durability comes at a cost, and polyurea coatings are typically more expensive than their epoxy counterparts.

Every contractor you ask will probably give you a slightly different answer to which product to use. It’s a subjective matter since different customers require different solutions for their unique floor and situation. Many factors are in play, such as floor type and function, budgetary concerns, aesthetic preference, and much more. But remember your mudroom or laundry room although not the center of attention in your home. Still deserves just as much care as any other area in your home and that care starts by protecting the floors.

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