Signature Coatings took this unused area of a basement and turned it into a beautiful living space!

First we fringed off the “do it yourself” epoxy flooring that was faded and peeling, using our industrial grinders and shot blasters. Then we properly prepared the surface. After that, we applied our Graniflex system to make this basement a statement piece for the entire home. With unlimited color options, the GRANIFLEX color flake or quartz decorative broadcast system excels where other broadcast systems can not because they don’t work when moisture vapor pressure is an issue. Graniflex’s deep penetration and permanent flexibility sets it apart from other systems!

Basements don’t have to be dark and dreary. Our coating system is the first step toward making your basement bright and inviting. Transforming your basement floor with our Signature 1 Day System reclaims unused space and expands your living space, bringing additional value to your home. > Learn More

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About Signature Coatings

Signature Coatings is the premier floor coating systems provider in Greater Cincinnati. Our custom floor coating systems are of exceptional style and quality. Inside or outside, your transformed concrete will stay beautiful and durable for decades.