David had carpet in his basement and a pool directly outside. Due to the carpet getting wet every time the kids came in from the pool, he decided that he no longer wanted the carpet. Signature Coatings removed the carpet and repaired the cracks underneath and coated the floors with our waterproof antimicrobial flake system. The floor now looks beautiful and is also the perfect solution to his family’s needs.

Basements don’t have to be dark and dreary. Our coating system is the first step toward making your basement bright and inviting. Transforming your basement floor with our Signature 1 Day System reclaims unused space and expands your living space, bringing additional value to your home. Learn More

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Signature Coatings is the premier floor coating systems provider in Greater Cincinnati. Our custom floor coating systems are of exceptional style and quality. Inside or outside, your transformed concrete will stay beautiful and durable for decades.