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Your facility needs safe, slip-resistant, easy-to-clean surfaces that make it a breeze to please employees, customers, and regulators. So, when floors, walls, and work surfaces are worn down, it’s more than frustrating—it’s a risk that jeopardizes your business. If you own a commercial building you want each part to last for as long as possible. A good solution is to use a concrete coating system on the floors. We have included a few reasons here about how a concrete coating can help your commercial space…

Concrete Coating Is Long Lasting

If you do not want to replace your flooring every few years concrete coating is the way to maintain your commercial floors. Concrete surfaces crack and chip and wear down with use. The concrete coating can protect the floors from wear and tear. Another plus is you will not have to worry about heavy equipment movement. The application is a one-day process that helps prevent downtime for your business.

Concrete Coating Is Water-Resistant

Concrete floor coatings are waterproof, meaning stains will cease to be a problem. The concrete floor will no longer be a porous surface. The process protects your subfloor from damage and prevents mold from growing. This is especially advantageous to medical facilities, laundromats, and restaurants.

Concrete Coating Saves Money and Time

Concrete floor coating is smooth enough to mop while textured enough to walk safely when wet. The coating is easy to maintain. Your operation will run smoother because you will worry less about maintenance. The cleaning is simple as using a broom and mopping the surface. You may want to use a gentle cleanser. It will make the floor last longer. The coating also prevents chemicals and bacteria from getting into the normal porous concrete. With a commercial floor coating, your bottom line will not suffer as much from maintenance.

Concrete Coating Prevents Slip Accidents

There are various features in concrete floor coating that would make your space free from accidents. The coating is non-slip, making it almost impossible to fall. Are you aware that over 800,000 Americans get hospitalized each year because of a fall injury? The coating is also anti-static, which means it will not build up static electricity. That would eliminate accidental sparks. This can be very important if your commercial space houses machinery

Concrete Coating Looks Good

Concrete floor coatings are flexible. If you want to use your concrete floors as the finished flooring, look no further because concrete coatings can be decorative, polished, stained, and colored. They look good in offices, workshops, restaurants, warehouses, factories, or chemical plants.

Concrete Coating Can Brighten Up Your Space

If your work environment is dark use a color that will enhance the space. Using concrete floor coating can make the space not look so boring, dull, and gray. Concrete coatings can have a glossy reflective sheen. It helps you provide an attractive and functional work environment. Various colors and styles allow you to designate various spaces for specific functions. Do some areas in solid colors and others in multi-pattern designs.

Concrete Coatings Are Eco-friendly

Concrete flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials available today. Made from readily abundant natural materials, it can help to improve air quality, reduce waste, and even cut down on your heating bills. As a commercial space, you must be aware of your carbon footprint.

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